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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> grief counselors will be at suitland high school today after the murder of a 15-year-old student. his killer has not been caught. >> an apartment fire interest 3 and leaves dozens out in the cold overnight. >> for the senator marco rubio continued to reap the benefits of his water break a week after his republican response to the state of the union. "good morning washington"at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday, february 19. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. we are on storm watch as we
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prepare for showers headed our way. now the latest from meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> the rain and sleet potentially to the north and west of the metro area, that will hold off through the morning commute. i don't think anything will develop until late this morning. on the satellite and radar, and you see it's moving across west virginia trying to make its way into northern maryland. we still have several hours before any of that reaches our area. as of us will see temperatures above freezing by that time. the blue ridge and areas of to the west watching for a a little wintry mix. it is 36 in gaithersburg, 39 in d.c., 38 at dulles airport. our forecast, warming up nicely by noon, 45 degrees. 50 degrees by 5:00. expecting light green into the afternoon, but it will be light. much colder temperatures on the way.
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from the belfort furniture weather center. jamee? >> good morning, washington gary knell problems in our nation's capital. southeast south west freeway. looks gorgeous on lower 14th street. no problems for a maryland either. 270 southbound direction. crossing the american legion bridge, in and out of maryland and virginia, your lanes are open. trouble lanes open around the woodrow wilson bridge. 395 is quiet. back to you. >> thank you. 5:02 on this tuesday. prince william county firefighters looking into what caused a big apartment fire in manassas. >> this fire was on lady jane. it sent three people to the hospital. john gonzalez is in manassas with details. >> as many as 60 firefighters fought this fire. a handful of them had to be rescued.
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we can tell you restoration crews are still out here protecting bus structure. two firefighters had to be hospitalized. this was an intense fire. the 24 apartments have been condemned. -- restoration crews are here protecting this structure. the third floor roof collapsed with firefighters underneath. >> at least one unit requested a may dayday, which is a call for firefighters systems. they are okay. >> you can see the extent of the damage to the building. the flames were so intense that the firefighters had to fight it from outside with ladders. 60 people have been displaced. $300,000 worth of damage. the cause is still under
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investigation. reporting live in manassas, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> grief counselors will be on hand at suitland high school helping students deal with the murder of a 15-year-old student. >> he was shot to death monday on 20th avenue in hillcrest heights. brianne carter is live at suitland high school today for what will be a difficult one for students. >> grief counselors are expected to be on hand during the school day for students and teachers. it's expected to be a difficult day here as they learn about the death of a 15-year-old student. investigators are searching for suspects in the murder of a 15- year-old boy in hillcrest heights. >> i never see any kids hanging out around here, they just come home from school and go in the building. >> after 4:00 monday afternoon the suitland high school student was found on the ground of 28 avenue of with trauma to the upper body. he was taken to a local hospital
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and pronounced dead. desiccators spoke with people who live in the immediate area to find out if anyone saw or heard anything. >> i see cops around and stuff but never heard of anything really bad happening. >> police say they do have some leads they're following up on. they are not saying any more about that. they have not released their identity of the boy -- the identity. >> a developing story out of south africa. olympics printer oscar pistorius has been charged with premeditated murder and in his girlfriend's death. prosecutors say he shot 29-year- old reeva steenkamp four times through a bathroom door and his home last thursday. he looked solemn as prosecutors described what happened. the bail hearing comes on the same day that she will be laid to rest. opening statements are expected to begin today in the trial of a
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man accused of killing a largo mother and her daughter. jason scott faces first-degree murder and other charges in the death of delores and ebony dewitt. their bodies were found in a burning car in march of 2009. he is also suspected of killing another mother and daughter from a largo earlier that year. he's already serving a 100 years sentenced on unrelated charges. 5:06, 37 degrees on this tuesday. >> much more ahead. a new push to get cuba to release a rockville man who is
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, washington. meteorologist jacqui jeras. we are about 15 degrees warmer this morning that we were yesterday morning. that is the good news. if you don't like wet weather, that's the bad news. now, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning to you. it is cool this morning, but not as bad as yesterday morning. it's not all that bad. temperatures in the 30's for the most part. in potomac at river road and falls road, 35 degrees at the storm chaser.
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that should beat the 20 degrees yesterday. we are above freezing for the most part to start the day. 35 in germantown, 34 in la plata, 37 in warrenton 38 and 08. chesapeake beach along the bay 40. the snow could mix with rain to the northwest of washington. not expecting accumulation during near hagerstown and martinsburg. even frederick and western loudoun county could see wet snowflakes briefly over the next couple hours. otherwise we're looking at the rainfall late morning into the midday. not much moisture expected just a sprinkle and a few light showers on this tuesday. highs in the mid to upper 40's, near 50 degrees in spots. let's get a look at the commute with jamee. >> nice and quiet around the
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entire metropolitan area. in virginia on 66, inside the beltway in falls church and arlington, inbound teddy roosevelt bridge into the nation's capital, nice and quiet. constitution avenue, no problems. southeast southwest freeway d.c. 295 looking good. u.s. park police say that the parkway is incident free. the beltway near route 4 pennsylvania avenue looking good, as does 270. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:11, 37 degrees on this tuesday. >> burger king has to do a whopper of damage control on twitter. wh
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> taking our top stories. two firefighters and residents were taken to the hospital after two alarm fire at a manassas apartment building. flames broke out late monday night on lady jane loop. no word on what caused the fire. the red cross is assisting 60 residents displaced.
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olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has been charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend. prosecutors said the double amputee shot reeva steenkamp four time through a bathroom door on valentine's day. bail hearing comes as her family holds a memorial service former. investigators are looking for the person or persons who killed a school and high-school student. a 15-year-old boy was found monday afternoon on 28th avenue in hillcrest heights. 47 release his name or what may have led to his death. >> now to a story that sounds like something a out of a movie. are talking a bounce a jewel heist that took place at brussels international airport. let's get to jummy olabanji >> . it's like something out of a hollywood blockbuster. police in brussels are looking for eight men who drove onto the tarmac at the international
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airport and stole $50 million worth of diamonds. we have a picture from the scene. they say that the men were armed and wearing masks when they made a hole into the perimeter of the fence, drove up to the passenger plane that was getting too rready to leave, stole the precious diamonds, then got back in the car and drove off in the darkness. police found a burned out van close to the airport. they're searching for clues and will have a news conference in a couple minutes. we will listen to that end bring you any new details. back to you. >> thank you. several members of congress are in cuba now to push for the release of a rockville man held in a cuban jail. the delegation which includes maryland congressman chris van hollen is trying to secure the release of alan gross, serving a 15-year sentence after being arrested in 2009 for illegally distributing communications equipment.
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bus as it may consider releasing him in exchange for negotiations on the fate of five cuban intelligence agents being held in u.s. jails. -- cuba says it may consider releasing am. north korea conducted its third nuclear test and european union ministers are calling on north korea not to conduct any more tests and urged it assigned a conference of nuclear test ban treaty. the north says its nuclear program is in response to what it feels is a u.s. threat. the supreme court could make some key decisions today. one of them involves affirmative action. beckham will whether to severely limit the use of race in admissions programs at public universities and colleges. the court will decide whether lawyers, journalists and human rights groups have the legal right to challenge the constitutionality of a secret government program which expands the government authority of federal officials to conduct secret surveillance of non-u.s.
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citizens located outside the u.s. justices will consider whether the civil police dog on someone's porch constitutes a search and if that requires a warrant -- the sniff of a police dog. >> last week for the senator marco rubio became a viral sensation when he was caught on camera taking a break to sip water during his response to president obama's state of union. the reclaim america pac says that it will send you a water bottle that reads "rubio." it has sold 4200 bottles in five days, bringing in $120,000. >> it is important to stay hydrated. [laughter]
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>> he keeps it real. you don't want me to do that. >> i know. right. >> i would not be happy without my coffee in the morning. it's going to be very windy and cold on wednesday. in the meantime, today we were thinking yesterday at this time the moisture would move in by 7:00. we are pushing that back to about late morning for the d.c. metro. it's already pushing into western maryland. anything that gives northwest of the metro early this morning even before noon could have a mix. most of us are above freezing in the meantime. 39 degrees at reagan national. a wind chill at 31. winds out of the south today. we are 15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning. we are shooting for a high near
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50 degrees. 38 at dulles, 36 in gaithersburg 30 in frederick 28 in martinsburg. you might get a wintry mix this morning there. look at this. a big change as the cold front moves through and temperatures will be dropping by 15 to 20 degrees. the front is across the great lakes and ohio valley. moisture ahead of that front, so we expect it to be delayed by. futurecast has a pretty good handle on it. hagerstown and lire could see some by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. you can see it's mostly showers. -- hagerstown to luray could see some by 8:00 this morning. claudia with rain showers today. warmer in the afternoon with a high temperature between 45 and 50 . green ending and then clearing,
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breezy and cold this evening. 39 degrees tomorrow, windy and cold. 41 degrees on thursday. another system on friday and saturday. that looks just like rainfall. a good commute? >> dry pavement this morning. out of the gate and running mass-transit trains on schedule. a normal weekday morning commute, back to work and back to school. 270, lanes are open. a pretty decent pace with light volume. no troubles around the entire beltway in maryland or virginia. on route 175 in columbia, maryland, there's a crash at the snowden river parkway, west of 95. back to you. >> thank you. burger king has issued an apology after the company's twitter account was attacked shortly after noon on monday. someone tweeted that the fast-
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food chain was sold to mcdonald's and then they changed the icon to mcdonald's golden arches. the hackers tweeted "if i catch you at wendy's, we are fighting ." burger king does not know who hacked into the account. >> bill gates admits microsoft did not capitalize on cell phone surly enough. >> and a claim that any web site is just 19 clicks from any other website. rob nelson has more. >> pointing the finger at china. a computer security firm says it inside the recent attacks on u.s. businesses and government agencies to the chinese army. they traced it to a building in shanghai used by an army unit. bill gates admits there's more microsoft could be doing. he says the company founded missed a chance to take the lead in cell phone but he says
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microsoft has done some amazing the things in the past year. samsung has the lead in itself owns. they will announce the next version of their top military device -- tom mobile device next month. -- top mobil the vice. any single web site is only 19 clicks away from any other website. the
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it's welcome back. connecticut police are dismissing a new report about how many people at the gunman who opened fire at sandy hook elementary school wanted to kill. >> cbs news reported on monday that 20-year-old adam lanza wanted to kill more people than the 77 murdered by a norwegian
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man in 2011 rampage. investigators dismissed it as inaccurate speculation. adam lanza killed 20 children and six adults before taking his own life. now to the debate over guns in america. vice-president joe biden will take part in the face, all about the administration's efforts to reduce gun violence. >> parents magazine is hosting today's on-line event. mr. joe biden will respond to requests that the magazine's readers have submitted on facebook. the event begins a 3:30 this afternoon. it's 37 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> , we are learning what caused an engine fire that left a
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. qwikster ahead, an apartment fire sent three people to the hospital and left dozens of families without homes. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, february 19. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. we're in the weather center with jacqui jeras to doug about what we are in store for. a little wet weather? >> a little. it is to the north and west. i think it will hold off until late morning or even early afternoon for those of us in the metro if. you will need the umbrella for the way home. 39 degrees. most of us above the freezing mark. 38 at dulles, 36 in winchester, 36 in gaithersburg 32 in frederick at this hour. moisture moving in from the west. all of its very light. wintry mix along the blue ridge
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and to the west. just rainfall in d.c. 37 degrees at pickup time. baristas, looking for some rain showers already at 45 degrees. at a drop-off, 50 degrees and you will need the umbrella for that. much colder tomorrow. details on that in a few minutes. first, a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> hearing recess puts a smile on my face. the rush hour is nice and quiet so far. a little volume on 95 virginia. no surprise in stafford and a client. again in dale city, you can see number of cars headed out of newington pushing towards the capital beltway. no issues on 66. looks good on the greenway, the toll road. route 175 westbound, west of 95 at the snowden river parkway in colombia, there's a crash. we are good in maryland and
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virginia on the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. two firefighters and residents were hurt in an apartment fire in manassas. >> it was on lady jane. it is under investigation. john gonzalez has the latest on this fire that has displaced a lot of people. >> this was such an intense fire. a group of firefighters had to call for a mayday. there were trapped inside the structure. as many as 60 firefighters had to fight this fire. again, some of them had to be rescued, two of them had to be taken to the hospital for observation. one resident also transported for smoke inhalation. this large fire leapt 24 apartments damaged. the cause is not known. we do know it started inside a third floor unit. that's where the roof collapsed with firefighters underneath. they have to call for the
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mayday. after the firefighters were rescued safely, firefighters had to fight this thing with ladders from outside because the flames were so intense. about 60 people have been displaced. estimates are $300,000 worth of damage. restoration crews are here protecting bus structure. the cause is still under investigation. -- restoration crews are protecting the struck >> . restored as county police investigating the murder of a teenager. monday afternoon, police received a call about someone on the ground on 28th avenue and hillcrest -- in hillcrest heights. found a 15-year-old boy dead. he went to suitland high school. police of not release his name, but a search is underway for the killer. family friends, and police looking for answers after police involved shooting in alexandria. police went to home office duke street monday to investigate a domestic dispute. a witness told abc 7 news that
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when officers arrived, a man identified as a 30-year-old taft sellers had a gun and refused to drop it. a witness than heard a gunshot and said sellers was found dead. the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. >> following new developments in the murder case against south african olympic athletes oscar pistorius. he has now been charged with premeditated murder of his girlfriend. >> this comes the same day as a memorial service for reeva steenkamp. tahman bradley has more. >> the paralympics champion appeared in court this morning for a bail hearing. the double amputee is charged with murdering his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp, on valentine's day. pastor prayed with oscar pistorius while visiting him in jail. >> i see him as a really lonely young man, very heartbroken and sad. >> one legal expert thinks he has a shot at bail despite the murder
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charge. >> everybody knows who he is. it's not like he denied or get a passport and an overseas without anyone noticing him. >> he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder, he says. new details will make it difficult to prove self-defense. he applied for six separate firearms licenses just last month. police sources say that a bloody cricket bat is a key piece of evidence possible use in an argument before the shooting. the victim's loved ones gathered today for. >> a family coming together and she's the one person who would have been the strongest hold us together. she's not here anymore. >> a reality show featuring a model on south africa includes these words -- >> i will miss you all so much and i love you very dearly.
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>> two of oscar pistorius'major sponsors have distanced themselves from him. oakley has suspended their contract with him and nike says it has no plans to use him in future ad campaigns. >> thank you. it's 5:36, 38 degrees on this tuesday. >> the governor of virginia is one of several local leaders are urging president obama to take action to avoid the sequester. learn what they are doing now
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>> hi. miriam's chicken is committed to ending chronic homelessness here in d.c. to find out how to help, visit our website. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. scott thuman is waving his hands with me. it's 38 degrees 5:40. you will want the umbrella handy today. we have some wet weather on the way although it will be dry this morning. meteorologist adam caskey is an storm chaser 7. >> it's not bad compared to the 20 degrees we had yesterday. i will take mid 30's in
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potomac, maryland, this morning near the intersection of river road and falls road. take a look at the numbers. here we go. 36, that's not bad. a breeze periodically picking up to about 10 miles an hour at times. sometimes that dropped the wind chill down close to 30 degrees. not bad. let's look at other area high temperatures on this tuesday morning. we are generally above freezing. 34 in round hill along with columbia. 35 in north west washington along with la plata. 36 in centreville along with culpeper. we have a few areas of rain today especially for the metro area and around the beltway between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. just spotty light rain. before that we could see a mix northwest of washington later this morning. that would be around hagerstown and frederick and martinsburg and northwest from there. that amounted to much, if anything.
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i temperatures, mid to low upper 40's, near 50 degrees. that is a lot warmer than what we had yesterday. more on your extended forecast and some precip may be for the weekend, in a few minutes. now, jamee? >> will define around the beltway. the problems in maryland or virginia. let's take you want 395. it's been good from the belt way to and across the 14th street bridge, light volume. no problems in landmark. northbound on 95, volume increasing through the aquia area and dale city. maryland 270 southbound, some activity on the far right shoulder in the distance to urbana. back to you. >> thank you. 37 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> legal trouble for the wife of
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>> we will look into the world of dogfighting. people trying to save those animals. the fight to give them a proper home. join us tonight at 5 -- 5:00. >> attributes are pouring in following the death of l.a. lakers owner jerry buss. party lost his battle with cancer on monday. he bought the redskins in the late 1990's and the team went on to win 15 nba titles. he also made sure the rena was filled with fans. now the team is largely run by two of his six children. the tampa bay buccaneer was arraigned monday on charges he had a gun in his suitcase. the gun was found in his suitcase at laguardia airport in new york. it was not loaded but there were
5:47 am
bullets in his suitcase. he is free on bail. he will return to court in april. the buccaneers say they will not comment on the case until they know more about what happened. >> a big bucket. a baylor player became the eighth woman in the history and to score those points. the final score, 76-70. baylor has wo 20n three straight. >> impressive. tim brant has a look at the men's side of college. the college rankings came out for the week. georgetown is ranked 11th. miami is at no. two. maryland will play tonight. there will play against boston college.
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the terrapins in seventh place. they're headed to boston college for tonight's match up. >> a lot of people texting you does not make it easy to move on. i told our players to get all that stuff answered and out of the way. it's time to move on. but we want to take the confidence we gained from that game, the execution as we move forward. >> the maryland terrapins against boston college tonight. the wizards are at home against toronto and they have one four of the last five. have a great day, everybody. >> thank you. some breaking news on this tuesday morning. a house fire in bowie, maryland on peachtree lane. those were helicopter images. we will try to get that back for you. if you can see a massive response on the scene. no injuries reported at this time. the bad news is the house is a
5:49 am
total loss. there's an investigation under way into what exactly caused the fire. we will continue to follow the latest on this and we will continue to update you throughout the morning. cracks coming up at 6:00, jacoby jones will not remember the super bowl win of the ravens, but something went wrong with that new taxttoo \ >> and and the boeing dreamliner forced into an emergency and landed in japan details on the batteries. >> a couple welcomes four new babies, but they're not quadruplets. we will explain. that is straight ahead at 6:00? . >> three maryland officials will hold a news conference today to urge congress to find a way to avoid the sequester if that will take place on march 1 unless action is taken. montgomery county executive ike leggett, and store discount executive rushern baker, and howard county executive ken
5:50 am
ulman will speak to reporters. they won the sequester would have a damaging impact on the maryland economy. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is also warning about the effects of the sequester. he has written to president obama, asking him to keep his campaign pledge to avert automatic spending cuts. he says virginia wind field the canucks more than any other state because of its heavy concentration of military assets. >> a top arlington county official plans to cut 50 county positions. the county manager barbara van dahlen says the cuts would reduce costs. -- barbara donnelon. some people may be moved to other vacant jobs. >> authorities say 37-year-old mindy mccready apparently shot herself on the front porch of her arkansas home. singer had several hits in the late 90's before personal problems, including a customer disputes -- in custody dispute.
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>> looking at the trayvon martin shooting. the wife of defendant george zimmerman is expected in court today in florida. shellie zimmerman is trying to have her perjury case dismissed. she was served after testifying in april at a bond hearing for our husband. she said they were broke. prosecution records say the couple received more than $130,000 in the previous 10 days from online contributors. the jurors are expected to begin deliberations this morning in the corruption trial of former detroit mayor mccormick kilpatrick. he and two other men are facing extortion, racketeering, and other charges for using the mayor's office to get rich. he resigned in 2008. -- former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick. >> investigators are saying more
5:52 am
about what caused an engine room and fired that disable the carnival cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. a leak in a fuel oil return 9 sparked the fire, says the coast guard. -- a lead in the fuel oil return line sparked the fire. officials say a full investigation is expected to take six months. then how long it may take to get over that experience, if you were a passenger. >> six years maybe. i cannot imagine. >> five days of their life. >> temperatures expected to warm up today. it's going to be a good day and temperature rise but you need to grab the umbrella for some light rain that's on the way. that's especially after the lunch hour. the satellite and radar picture shows we have more after moving
5:53 am
in from the west. a lot of this is not reaching the ground. if you're getting a mix, send me a tweet. you can see that in northern maryland edging into the area. most of this will hold off until mid morning to late morning in the d.c. metro area. rain only in the metro back. 38 degrees at dulles, 39 in culpeper. changing over to rain in the afternoon in culpeper. warmer by 15 or 20 degrees from yesterday. how about that? look at a critical front is. 40's in the ohio valley. temperatures below zero in the upper midwest. that does not include the wind chill. a cold front in the ohio valley towards the gulf coast.
5:54 am
the moisture will be very light overall. futurecast shows it will be moving out of here by late afternoon into the early evening. then we will have windy and much colder conditions moving into wednesday. cloudy skies today with rain showers late today. expecting a mix of the northwest only before the noon hour. high between 45 and 50. grains ending tonight, breezy and cold. winter-like day tomorrow, a lot like sunday. then things will moderate a little by the end of the week with another chance of rain by friday and saturday. how is traffic? >> no major problems. volume is already with us. 270 commuters, we see this every weekday. delays in urbana and hyattstown. leaving columbia, 29 boards four corners, travel lanes are open. it's quiet around the capital beltway through maryland and virginia. back to you.
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>> thank you. the question this morning, have you ever dreamed of stepping into barbie's dream house? i'm sure this has been a lifelong hope for you. fans will get to see the real thing. >> and a scandal alhorse meat scandal is worsening in europe. linda bell has more. horse dna has been found. ms. lee is the latest company to be engulfed in the scandal. nestle is withdrawing some beef ravioli and beef tortellini products after it tested positive for pork. it was sold in italy and spain. some people bake cookies to make their homes no more inviting for an open house.
5:56 am
research from washington state university says a simple orange cent or basil or green tea aroma will help sell your house better. that's because the smells affects conative functions in the areas of the brain involved in decision making. now's your chance to get a close look at barbie's dream house. she's inviting fans to play house in a larger-than-life interactive experience. ants can buy tickets to step into her world next month. there's a location in germany and another in florida. more than 350 barbie dolls and other memorabilia will be on display. this vip spackage will set you back $30 each. linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. that's money well spent. >> i think you're willing to splurge. >> it's worth it. 37 degrees. >> an update on jesse jackson
5:57 am
jr., dealing with
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>> run jesse jackson says his son, former congressman jesse jackson, jr., is understood medical supervision. he says his son is struggling with bipolar disorder, compounded by the stresses of that its legal troubles. he was charged with conspiracy for allegedly spending $


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